What To Expect After Spider Vein Treatment

If you have spider veins, then you know that it can be an embarrassing and frustrating problem. Spider veins are unsightly, but they are also painful. They often make your skin sensitive to the touch or itch when they come in contact with clothing. If this sounds like something that is affecting your life negatively, then don't hesitate to seek treatment for spider veins. Here's what you can expect after spider vein treatment.

What You Can Expect After Spider Vein Treatment

It is typical for people who undergo treatments for spider veins to experience relief from their symptoms between one to three months after undergoing this procedure. It takes time for the blood pressure in the veins to be reduced.

Will Spider Veins Be Permanently Gone After Treatment?

The relief of symptoms should last for a prolonged period after the procedure is done, but it will not cure you from having spider veins in the future. The best way to avoid these unsightly and painful veins altogether is by wearing a compression hose and minimizing your exposure to factors that can contribute to the problem.

How Soon Can I Get Back to My Normal Routine?

Patients can expect little or no downtime after their spider vein treatments. Some people might experience bruising, minor pain, and/or redness in the area treated for a few days following treatment with light-based technology. 

These effects usually disappear within one week of the procedure. If you do not follow postoperative care instructions, the effects can take a lot longer to disappear. If your doctor has prescribed pain medication, you should be able to resume your normal routine shortly after treatment.

Do not take any pain medication that has not been prescribed by your doctor. Some pain relievers such as aspirin are not recommended, as they can make it harder for you to heal.

Will There Be Changes In My Skin

After you start the spider vein treatment process, there are a few things to remember. For example, if you notice any changes in your skin color or temperature, be sure to speak to the physician about it. Second, be careful during exercise and refrain from strenuous activity for two weeks following the procedure. It's best to speak with your physician before resuming normal activities for this period.

Spider vein treatments need not be overwhelming. Just be sure that you follow the advice given here, and talk to your doctor if you notice anything out of the ordinary.