Botox: Not Just For Wrinkles

When many people think of botox, they think of the cosmetic uses of the product. While this is probably the most common use, there are other reasons for people to use it. In fact, your primary care physician may recommend trying it for a condition or problem you are having. Here are a few things botox can help with that are not related to wrinkles on your face. Strabismus Strabismus is an eye problem in which one eye is out of alignment. [Read More]

What Is Mohs Surgery And What Can Be Done To Prevent Skin Cancer?

Mohs surgery is a surgical procedure named after a doctor by the name of Frederic E. Mohs, MD. This procedure is a technique in which the skin is numbed with anesthetic, then the area in question is shaved off with a scalpel down to the skin and the portion that was shaved is then tested for cancerous cells. Lab work is performed on the portion that was shaved off to test for cancerous cells using a mapping method to detect the cancerous cells. [Read More]